Facebook Ad Image & Video Specification Guide

We like to joke that this is the guide you didn't know you needed! It includes every single image and video size, time limit, etc for every single Facebook ad objective! Let's just say it's 17 pages with a TON of useful reference information so you don't have to spend hours scouring Google wondering "what video aspect ratio can I use for Instagram feed ads"?
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Creating the Perfect Facebook Ad

Ever want to know how to create the absolute perfect Facebook Ad? Well we can help! We'll start with setting up your Facebook Page (you need one to run ads) along with some tips and tricks to get better ad engagement right off the bat. Then we'll move into headlines, copy, and the all-important creative... you know, your image or video!
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Big List of Our Favorite Facebook Ad Tools

Want to know what online tools we use to supercharge our Facebook advertising efforts? Well wonder no longer as we've put together this awesome little PDF listing out free and paid tools that we use!
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Facebook Advertising URL Parameters Guide

If you're using Google Analytics on your website or landing pages, then you should be using the URL parameters for every Facebook ad you create! Let us take away the confusion when setting up your URL parameters with this FREE guide.
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Facebook Custom & Lookalike Audiences Guide

At 29 pages, this is by far our largest 100% free Facebook ads guide! We will walk you through creating custom and lookalike audiences from start to finish, and show you some of our Ninja tricks along the way!
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Ultimate Facebook Ad Targeting Guide

This is the grandaddy of Facebook ad targeting guides. 40 pages of in-depth tips, tricks, and targeting resources you didn't know existed. Then at the end we have our MASSIVE targeting reference that lists out every single general, demographic, interest and behavior targeting options in Facebook's dropdown lists.
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Facebook Ad Launch Checklist

Ads cost money, so it's a real bummer when you launch a campaign only to discover you forgot something! Don't let that happen ever again with our handy-dandy ad launch checklist!
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Marketing Tool Depot Membership

Our Marketing Tool Depot memberships come with many unique bonuses that will take your online marketing efforts to the next level!